петак, 25. мај 2012.

"A view is a meeting point of two souls" V.Nikolaj Velimirovic

One of our most famous orthodox priest Vladyka Nikolaj Velimirovic said : " A view is a meeting point of two souls. And then, with a view, as with the lamp we descend into chasms and fissures of other people's (beings) souls to see what there is."
What this view tell you ?

 These are photos taken from Mike and Kathie   San Diego, California, - on Etsy.com

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  1. Thank you for finding our work and adding it to your blog. I see wisdom in the eyes of these Gorillas. "A view is a meeting point of two souls"...that is a great quote! Take care, Kathie

  2. Dear Kathie thank you very much !!! I am fascinated with moving tenderness that you have marked this beautiful part of the Universe as seen in the eyes of this gorilla.