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School for poor, Schools on the street, School under the metro bridge in India

School under the metro bridge in India.
At school, except for the two boards and two chairs nothing - neither a party nor a school building! Slumdog kids learn the basics of mathematics, learning to read and write in the street under the bridge, sitting on the bract. Rajesh Kumar Sharma says that the children are taught free of charge for over three years.
Parents can send their children to school, they have no money. So the school, which was opened by the teacher, Rajesh Kumar Sharma - the only way to gain the knowledge necessary for a full life. This school gives them a chance to get out of poverty. Initiative of his friend caught and Lakshmi Chandra, who also teaches 30 students from poor families.

School under the metro bridge in India. These children do not pull the ears to school. They do not skip classes and do not write off the homework from their peers. They want to learn. And every morning they gather under the bridge subway in New Delhi, capital of India. Here volunteer and enthusiast Rajesh Kumar Sharma (Rajesh Kumar Sharma) opened an impromptu free school for children living in slums.

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