понедељак, 14. октобар 2013.

Nikita Mikhalkov famous Russian director : 
" Serbia defends Slavic world "

Nikita Mikhalkov : " I enjoy in all what is coming from this country. I think that Serbia is the real defense of our Slavic world. I often say, where would we end, if the Russians love the Russians, as Serbs love them."
 As a great friend of the Serbian people and a great friend of the famous Emir Kusturica, Parliament of Zubin Potok, gave gift for famous director N. Mikhalkov six acres of land on Mountin Mokra Gora in Serbia, for all the love and strong support for decades  which he shows to Serbian people.
Nikita Mihalkov slavni ruski reditelj: SRBIJA BRANI SLOVENSKI SVET :

 Wildlife Park Mokra Gora :

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