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Ukrainian fascism in action - Part 1. - Украјински фашизам на делу - Украинский фашизм в действии -  
East Ukrainian people, have been killed daily through bombing and shelling, as ordered by the Ukrainian government. The rare reports that come up about Ukraine avoid any condemnation of Kiev’s actions, and try to either hide all together or distance themselves from the real suffering that these people are going through. I understand that the BBC has to keep in line with the British government’s stance on the Ukrainian crisis (and if that’s not the case, then why BBC are being so denigrating of East Ukrainian position?), but on a purely human level, setting aside any political allegiances and geopolitical goals, how can any journalist with conscience and heart, ignore the catastrophe that these people find themselves in? How can they not report what Kiev’s government is doing to them?
I’m deeply shocked and upset that an institution that I have always regarded as relatively impartial are trying to discredit totally legitimate views of East Ukrainians (held by many other people around the globe), who are being oppressed and killed for holding those views. Is this a way of justifying those killings? The thought of it makes me shiver.
 Save Donbass children from fascist Ukrainian army
Fascism in Ukraine - bombing innocent people
Ukrainian fascistic army with swastika tattoo
 Ukraine fascist army bombing center of the town Lugansk
Ukraine fascist army bombing center of the town Lugansk
Fascism in Ukraine - Ukrainian army with fascistic symbols
Pro Russian or Russian nationality citizens of  South west part of Ukraine in shelters, to save from bombing of fascistic Ukraine army. 
Aleksandar Skryabin, 55 years old, miner from Donbass jump with bombs under tank of  fascistic Ukraine army to stop them and save wounded friends. Eternal Glory for HERO.
Fascistic Ukraine army bombing its own people. President Poroshenko killing his own people.
This is second time in her life that she encounter with fascism in Ukraine supported by USA/EU. During II WW and now.
People in Donbass, East Ukraine against fascism of Ukraine army and president Poroshenko
Orthodox priest and father and child killed by fascistic Ukraine army
 Ukraine fascism attacking on Russia ?
 Zbigniew Brzezinski and Karl Bilt thinks that Orthodoxy is threat for west. Brzezinski : " Communism is finished, next is Orthodoxy"
Fascism in Ukraine - bombing cities and killing his own people by Ukraine 'president' Poroshenko
Bomb cut her legs but a minute before she died ask people to call by phone her daughter not to come in this part of town. After few minutes she died. In last minutes of her life, suffering awful pain she thinks about her daughter and worry. She was calm and peaceful and tell : "Please, call my daughter and tell her not to come here. She is on way to pick me up after job "
Fascism in Ukraine killing Donbass people
Fascism in Ukraine- Save Donbass people
Mr Putin and president of junta in Ukraine Peter Proshenko who is killing his own people
Donbass, South east oh Ukraine, volunteers gathered and ready do defend their homes and families against fascistic army of Ukraine.
Fascistic Ukraine army killing people in Donbass
UN and this man never knows what is going on in the World. They don't have internet.

Save me please !!! This girl said : save children from Donbass !!!
People are praying in front of the fascistic junta Ukraine tanks, to stop killing people of Donbass, South Easter Ukraine. ..........................................Stop fascism in Ukraine.
Donbass army solder and lady searching protection from fascistic Ukraine army.
 Fascistic plan how to kill and destroy Donbass people
Bombing people in Donbass by fascistic Ukraine army = bombing its own people.

Fascism in Ukraine - killing people on streets.
Fascism in Ukraine bombing own people.
Fasistic junta in Ukraine killing its own people
Fascism in Ukraine
Fascistic junta in Ukraine from 2. May to 5. June killed 3462 people.
Fascistic junta in Kiev Ukraine, burning Russian books. Who, before done that ???
Fascism in Ukraine bombing its own people.
Pro Russian Donbass solder praying before battle.

 Fascism in Ukraine. Ukraine army during II WW and now.
Fascism in Ukraine bombing towns in South East - Donbass Republik
People from Donbass running away to Russia. More than 150 000 people from Eastern Ukraine are refugees, gone to Russia to save their lives.
Girl killed by Fascist Ukraine army.
 Fascist Ukraine army bombing people in South East of Ukraine - Donbass
Fascist Ukraine army bombing people in South East of Ukraine - Donbass
 Fascist Ukraine army bombing people in South East of Ukraine - Donbass
Fascism in Ukraine - Neo-Nazism in Ukraine
Gaddafi was 'dictator' and killed by west NATO.USA/EU. What is Peter Poroshenko ? He also killing his own people in Ukraine, but they support him.
Fascism in Ukraine - But this is main problem in West : can you drive bicycle naked.
Europe and Western world didn't care about fascism in Ukraine - alive burned people in Odessa
Odessa Ukraine -  Boys and Girls Burned alive and World, all western media was quiet, do not talk about that. ...During Olimpic winter games in Sochi whole Western media cry for dogs on the streets not to kill them because of winter games...... Killing Orthodox people in Eastern Ukraine didn't upsets anyone. 
Revolution Nazi Legion, said that she is one of those, who took part in burning pro-russian civilians alive in Odessa Trade Unions House at 2nd of May.
План по усмирению восточной Украины для Порошенко подготовило американское агентство RAND

В распоряжении журналистов оказался документ, предположительно подготовленный специалистами американского стратегического исследовательского центра RAND Corporation. Он включает в себя три стадии действия карательных сил на востоке Украины. План подразумевает расстрел взятых в плен ополченцев и сочувствующих им мирных жителей, создание фильтрационных лагерей, изъятие имущества жителей региона для поощрения наиболее отличившихся при проведении карательной операции солдат. Читать далее: http://russian.rt.com/article/39432

#RT #СМИ #Украина #ЮгоВосток #США #план

Plan to repress the Eastern Ukraine to Poroshenko has prepared American Agency RAND at the disposal of journalists turned out to be the document prepared by the specialists of the alleged American strategic research center of the RAND Corporation. It includes three stages: punitive forces in the East of Ukraine. The plan involves the shooting of captured militia members and their sympathizers civilians, establishment of filtration camps, seizure of property of the inhabitants of the region for the promotion of the most distinguished in the operation effacer le tableau soldiers. Read more: http://russian.rt.com/article/39432 #RT # MEDIA # Ukraine # Southeast United States # plan #

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