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Clairsentience (also know as psychometry) is the ability to hold an object or touch someone and sense the energy surrounding that person, place or thing. A clairsentient is an individual who is empathetic and senses energies. Energies can be light or heavy, smooth or abrasive, prickly or gentle, peaceful and airy or good or bad.
For example, when sensing a negative situation a clairsentient may feel sick, while a positive experience may feel like butterflies in the stomach, or a sense of feeling safe, peaceful and light. Learning to discern positive and negative energies can make all the difference when making decisions in life.
Spiritual advisors and counselors use clairsentience to feel and sense the information and thought-forms in energy fields. The information about the nature of energies is revealed in colors, lightness, darkness, or emotions such as joy or sadness.
Sometimes clairsentients experience a sense of movement or stillness, relaying past, present and future life events. This ability is known to be essential for healers, counselors and therapists, or anyone who works with people - especially a psychic or spiritual advisor.
We are all born with this particular psychic ability. It's learning to regulate and protect the gift of sensing moods and emotions thats the tricky part! Aside from being honest and naive, as children we are very open and tuned into the psychic world.
As we grow older and experience life, to avoid trauma or negative experiences, we develop a thick skin, sheltering ourselves as we begin to interact with people other than the familiar circle of family and friends. These psychic gifts are often unconsciously left on the shelf, but fortunately they can be restored later life through spiritual development or during life-altering experiences.
To use clairsentience for yourself, or improve your connection with Psychic Source advisors who can use this gift on your behalf, it is important to listen to your internal feelings, impressions and sensations. Be aware of and communicate the physical and emotional responses from your gut instincts. By using clairsentience you can make sound decisions in all facets of life from love and relationships to career and spiritual development.



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