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Facebook game change: Users won’t have a say in future policy updates.
Here’s a post worth sharing: Unless 300 million Facebook users speak up before Monday, the social networking site says they will exclude the public from future policy changes.

Internet giant Facebook is asking their users to weigh in on some proposed policy changes, and it very well could be the last time they extend that offe

r outside of their officers. Unless a third of their users log-on to vote against an update to Facebook’s Data Use Policy before next week, the site could stop asking altogether.

Only around 538,000 users have voted so far, and experts say it’s unlikely another 299.5 million let their voices be heard before the December 10 deadline. Now unless a miracle happens, it’s expected that Facebook will follow through with adopting a new policy that won’t put the public’s input into consideration.

"In the past, your substantive feedback has led to changes to the proposals we made. However, we found that the voting mechanism, which is triggered by a specific number of comments, actually resulted in a system that incentivized the quantity of comments over their quality,” reads a blog post from Elliot Schrage, Facebook's vice president for communications, public policy and marketing. “Therefore, we're proposing to end the voting component of the process in favor of a system that leads to more meaningful feedback and engagement."

Current users who are against the changes can log-on and vote in favor of the policy currently present throughout the weekend. As one would expect, though, even getting users to cast a ballot for their right to vote is a problem. As Rob Waugh from Yahoo! reports, “[t]he wording of the vote itself is not a simple 'Yes' or 'No.’” In order to vote against the proposed change, users have to visit the official Facebook Site Governance page, then select an option that reads ‘Existing Documents: The current SRR and Data Use Policy,’ as opposed to ‘Proposed Documents: The proposed SRR and Data Use Policy.’

Additionally, Facebook sent an email to users informing them of both the change and how to vote, but with most correspondence sent from the company it was largely disregarded by its hundreds of millions of users.

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