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North African Fat-tailed Scorpions (Androctonus australis) neon shinning
 These arachnids have a neon blue glow when they are illuminated by ultraviolet rays from a black light, a reaction caused by the reflected light on proteins in their exoskeletons. It is believed that this feature serves to measure the amount of moonlight shining on them, sense they are nocturnal creatures and prefer to stay hidden in the bushes when the night is too clear.
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Ancient Hebrews knew Scorpio as Lesath (Lesha), the perverse. The fixed water sign, Scorpio is the most misunderstood of all the signs. A natural detective, you’re the sign of intensity. Ruled by the stinging scorpion and the majestic eagle, Scorpios are capable of the highest highs and lowest lows—this sign has more extremes than any other.
You are a secret force of nature, best known for your seething magnetism, passion, and mystery. At best, you are quick in critical thought, perceptive, and able to sense the moods and thoughts of others. At worst, you are uncompromising and exacting, suspicious, cruel—as stubborn as the other fixed signs but with a vindictiveness that can spell danger.
Magnetic Scorpio is a sign of attachment. Your feelings of attraction and repulsion are pronounced. But make an effort to be more open; at a distance you fool others,

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