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~Fun Facts To Think

1. Blue Eyes
Blue-eyes are commonly known as the prettiest eye color, and people who have blue eyes are associated as being good looking. People with blue eyes have the longest lasting relationships. They tend to be kind and are very good kissers. One of their main goals is to make people happy.
2. Green Eyes Green-eyed people are known as being very special due to the rarity of green eyes. Green eyes are typically associated with magic. People with green eyes tend to have long lasting relationships and have the most passion when they are in relationships. People with green eyes are also associated as being very good looking and some what mystical. Green eyed people long for the touch of another.
3.Brown Eyes Brown-eyed people are associated as being very normal. Brown eyes are
one of the most common eye colors and therefore this color is known as being average. People
with brown eyes are very attractive, adorable and aim at making new friends. They are very
trustworthy and will do anything for people that are special in their lives. Brown eyed people are
kind and love to cheer people up. They are the greatest kissers of all.
4. Hazel Eyes People with hazel eyes tend to be gorgeous. They have very unusual relationships that tend to be short. Hazel eyed people are very diverse and love to try new things. They are risk takers and rarely will say no to a challenge. Hazel eyed people are also the best in bed.

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