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Art is our Religion 

Here in ex Yugoslavia we had awful civil war which last almost 10 years. When I see on TV anything what remind me on that I am terribly scared and ill.
 I am afraid that people will think that I am 'mad' or something like that because of that image, but when I see on TV that religious madness and that stories about that film against Muslims, and all that what is going on these days I remember AWFUL,  AWFUL,  AWFUL  civil war which we had here in ex Yugoslavia. In ex Yugoslavia lived Serbs (Orthodox) Croats (Catholics) and Bosnians (Muslims) 50 years in love and 'something' happened and we started war. Awful TV photos about murdering every evening almost 10 years. Horror, horror.... destruction, killing, ...massacres,...destroyed cities, ....villages, ...suffering, ...pain, tears,... crippled people, ...hate, anger,... despair, ... every night, every day on TV. That were people with whom we lived 50 years as brothers under Tito. I never watched which religion is a man.
Man is man, we are all the same.

That was reason why I want to make the smallest, smallest contribution to stop politics in every place.

My uncle is a Serb (Orthodox), his wife is a Croat (Catholic). Their daughter, my sister painter,  when started the war in the former Yugoslavia, with her friends artists asked for political asylum of Dutch Embassy. Them 300 artists: painters, actors, musicians, producers, composers, designers, writers, ... in one day obtain a visa to move to Amsterdam. They did not want, or were not be able to participate in that collective madness and destruction and hatred. They stayed there to live forever.

This is not my real surname Mercep. My real surname is MERĆEP, but it carries letter Ć what means that I am an Orthodox. If I have letter Č that means that I am Catholic. You see, same letter C but only this  - ´ or this - ˇ changes the behavior of some people towards me.You, people, artists, from whole world even don't know that we have these letters, and you don't know how to pronounce them, but here on Balkan that can be big problem. I can not, I can not stand to continually justify and explain letter C in my husbands surname.
I am mother of two daughters, veterinarian, pathologist, PhD, ... and I can not stand anymore that this ´ or this ˇ  have influence on my life.

The biggest thanks for my friends on Fine Art America for supporting this image :))))))

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