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Facebook Censored
PLEASE SHARE: (link to petition below) Tell Facebook: Stop Censoring Political, Spiritual, Activist, Peaceful Speech

BREAKING NEWS: A range of Facebook users, from political dissidents to technology bloggers, are reporting the sudden blocking of their pages. Facebook provided no prior warning, nor was there a clear process established to rest
ore access to the blocked pages.

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Will you fight back? The best way to get Facebook's attention is to make the story go viral on their own site:

If you're already on Facebook, please share.

More than 50 blocked pages were political in nature, and several users have had their pages maliciously blocked through fraudulent claims of intellectual property violations. This news follows Facebook's disturbing assertions that it's willing to work with government censors in places like China, and that the company is worried that it sometimes provides "too much" free speech.

Astounding. And this disregard for civil liberties is nothing new: Facebook has consistently dodged hard questions about free speech. Last year they refused to attend a U.S. Senate hearing on "global Internet freedom" and the company won't join the tech industry's Global Network Initiative, which promotes human rights and free speech. Will you demand that Facebook start respecting civil liberties? Just fill out the form at right to sign our petition.

PETITION TO MARK ZUCKERBERG AND THE FACEBOOK TEAM: Your callous disregard for free speech and human rights is completely unacceptable. Your dominance of the web comes with real responsibility: You need to stop censoring political content right away.

Just sign on at right and we'll make sure Facebook gets the message.

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