уторак, 04. септембар 2012.

Small Acts, When Multiplied by Millions of People Can Transform the World
For 30 years Chief Raoni of The Kayapo People, has dedicated his life to trying to stop the Belo Monte Dam from being built in his beloved Amazon Rainforest. Helped by the singer, Sting, and many other celebrities along the way, he has met many World Leaders, travelling extensively in his efforts to get the World to Aw
aken to the Catastrophic Climate Nightmare awaiting the World, if Brazil's President, Dilma Rousseff, continues ahead with building Belo Monte, third largest and most inefficient dam in the world, in the Rainforest, along with a further 59 Rainforest dams, and over 400 in Brazil by 2030. If Belo Monte continues to be built it will bring Genocide to Chief Raoni's People, to Shayla Juruna's, and ALL those dependant on the mighty River Xingu for their very *EXISTENCE* They have tried everything they can think of to stop this dam, but Dilma Rousseff refuses to listen to them, to people around the world, to experts, to the voices behind the MILLIONS of signatures collected against this outrage..

Chief Raoni, now in his 80s, has vowed to fight to the death with his Warriors rather than let Belo Monte be built.

On the 15th June, 2012, on the eve of Rio's Earth Summit, some of the Warriors, helped by friends, broke through the start of this dam, using shovels, pick-axes and their bare hands! A joyous message was sent out around the world and now thousands are starting to learn about Belo Monte. 11 of those who helped to break the dam, freeing the Xingu River again, are now possibly facing legal charges...As I write this, Warriors of the Xikrin Tribe, (related to The Kayapo) are now in their 17th Day of Protest at the construction site of Belo Monte, having stopped work on the dam by taking keys to the lorries and earth diggers.

This dam is being built illegally, whilst law suits against it are still going on. Judges who ruled against Belo Monte have been removed, then replaced with judges who ruled in favour of it. Corporations who backed Dilma Rousseff's presidential election have since been awarded massive contracts for Belo Monte. She has refused to listen to the deep concern of the United Nations and Amnesty International about the callous way she has treated the Indigenous People. She refuses to listen to *anyone* it seems, and has turned from a woman who once upon a time, was a guerilla fighter against Brazil's Military Regime, into EXACTLY the kind of Arrogant, Uncaring, Unfeeling Politican she once despised.

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