субота, 15. септембар 2012.

Francois Hugo Seal Savior

"This is the most fantastic human being I know, His love and tenderness for these so persecuted and adorable seals are unbelievable . ♥
 He rescues, hugs, heals, loves, tub feeds sometimes a thousand baby seals a year since 1999. Giving his love, time, money, health. Risking his life. His Seal Alert Center is opened on the sea, the babies get autonomous fast: rehabilitation is a success. He also f
ights to end the awful Namibia slaughter. It would be easier if he was well known but can’t leave the babies: no TV abroad; So it’s up to us to share his story and this beautiful new video, all tenderness and joy. Francois, you are our HERO, you have our admiration, love and gratitude. ♥"
 Please watch the video :  For the Love of the Seals 

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