недеља, 16. септембар 2012.


There are times that every person in this Movement feels despair. Feels alone. Primarily that comes from feeling that you are not making a difference. But you are. You ARE making a difference. Thousands upon thousands of lives have been changed, altered, freed, lifted, given life...all due to your efforts. You out there, you voices of the voiceless, you may not always see the results, hear the results, know the results first hand. But remember, the same voice that drives you from within is the same voice that calls out to you from cages of suffering and despair, and those voices are calling out because they know you are there to hear them. They know you are here to free them. Never give up, never give in. —Alison L ♥
Photo of an orphan baby whose mother was killed by poachers.
— with Alison L.
TAKEN FROM : Helped by Animals 

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