недеља, 16. септембар 2012.

Emotional Spiral
Defy emotional gravity...Use your mind to reverse the gravitational slide to grief and instead ride to joy

If you are feeling sad, please know that you have a choice about how and what you feel, for how long. You can choose to be sad, if that's what serves your growth as a person.

You can also contemplate these two images (which are actually one - the top of the image on the right goes continuou

sly into the bottom of the left image) and have an empowering realization that you can first imagine how good it would feel to feel a little better
...and a little better
...and even better
...until you feel happy.

There have been 110 billion human beings, and 102.5 billion are not alive now. If we want to be sad about people who died, the dead are so numerous that we could devote ourselves to this...for the rest of our lives.

We can also choose to be happy that so many amazing and wonderful people are alive and well today.

Me? I'm absolutely fine. No problems. Healthy. Fit. Happy. 
How are you?

Feel free to say you are feeling better...because, amazingly, that will actually make it come true.

So feel free to ride the slide shown here against gravity, to higher and higher states of happiness.

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