субота, 22. септембар 2012.

US Team Identifies Stunning Trillion $ Mineral Deposits in Afghanistan - Crucial Afghan mining laws up for review within a fortnight
According to new calculations from surveys conducted jointly by the Pentagon and the US Geological Survey, Afghanistan is sitting on $1 trillion of untapped minerals. The huge reserves include copper, gold, iron and cobalt as well as vast amounts of lithium, a key c

omponent in batteries of Western lifestyle staples such as laptops and BlackBerry's.

The World Bank writes "the World Bank Group and other partners have been supporting the Government of Afghanistan in establishing the building blocks for developing its mineral resources in an effective and transparent manner".

Miners are saying a reform of Afghan mining laws that is currently being worked on could spark a modern 'gold rush' on the vast deposits and convert Afghanistan in one of the most important and lucrative centres of mining in the world.

To the surprise of diplomats and mining companies, some cabinet members blocked the proposed legislation in July, saying it failed to protect national interests from foreign exploitation.

Redrafted mining laws that Afghan officials and Western donors hope will persuade foreign firms to invest in the country's resource wealth will be submitted to the government for review within a fortnight, a government spokesman said on Thursday.





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