четвртак, 20. септембар 2012.

Monsanto and GMO

"Success leaves fingerprints". If you like GMOs, you've got to love Mitt Romney's consulting for Monsanto, which made America the world leader in mad scientist experimentation with food supply control...I mean GMO production.

What brilliant idea did Mitt Romney bring to Monsanto?
A way to have their cake and eat it, too, only with 100,000 tons a year of poisons, and with finding a way to become b
an-proof by using food supply control as camouflage

Mitt Romney said (I'm speculating and summarizing the gist)

"Hey, Monsanto. Here's your multi-million dollar Bain consulting presentation.

You poisoned people for four decades with PCB, and it got banned.

You poisoned people with DDT, and it got banned.

You poisoned US soldier in Vietnam with Agent Orange, got sued, and had to pay big money.

Wake up and smell the toxins: if you're going to sell poisons, you've got to mix them with food, and control 90% of the corn, wheat, soy with genetically modified processes that you own via patenting.

Why? So that government can't ban Monsanto's products without cutting America's food supply, and food exports, in half."

And thus was created the situation that American finds itself in today, with GMOs unleashed, mutating and causing ringworms and other life forms to mutate, as more countries vote to ban GMOs, setting the stage for the US, as with the metric system, or the US embargo of Cuba, to be the odd man out, as the world decides "no, thanks" on GMOs.

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